Ben's Story is short but sweet:


It all started with the Book of Abraham. a friend of mind in the Air Force, who served with me in the Mormon Sunday school program, pointed me to serious problems with the book, and its claims of authenticity.

Since I am quite a hound of doing research in other areas, I began looking into it and became very rattled and disturbed, but tried my best to keep a calm and collected mind over the matter. It was clear as daylight it was not of God.  l then looked into every other topic of LDS claims, attended Shawn Mccraneys show in 2012 (i since don't trust his crazy theology), met good Christians, visited Sandra Tanner, and God made it clear to me that he was at work in and with me to bring me out. CARM and MRM became great tools, and still are.

 I have a great passion for apologetics and learning why we can put trust in the Bible and the crucified, risen Christ as God's greatest revelation and finished work for those who believe.